Training Module

Management & Leadership

Code Course Title Duration
MLA0801 Core Skills For Supervisors And Managers Part I 
- Value Added Supervision
2 D
MLA0802 Core Skills For Supervisors And Managers Part II 
- Problem Solving And Decision Making
1 D
MLA0803 Core Skills For Supervisors And Managers Part III- Effective Interaction Management 2 D
MLW0804 Leadership & Supervisory Skills For Executives At Work 2 D
MLW0805 Performance Measurement Using Balanced Scorecard 2 D
MLW0806 Managing Organizational Change And Innovation 2 D
MLW0807 Motivation & Team Development At The Work Place 2 D
MLW0808 Building Effective Management And Personal Skills 2 D
MLN0809 Dynamic Team Building Camp 2 D 1 N


Human Resources & Administration

Code Course Title Duration
HRC0801 Achieving Personal & Professional Effectiveness 1 D
HRC0802 Essential Communication English At Work 6 D
HRC0803 Effective Business Writing Skill 3 D
HRC0804 Effective Telephone Technique 1 D
HRA0805 Facilitating Effective Meetings 1 D
HRW0806 Identifying And Analysis Training Needs 2 D
HRW0807 Malaysia Human Resources Management: From A To Z 2 D
HRW0808 A Practical Guide To Better Business Planning 2 D
HRW0809 Effective Interpersonal & Work Communication Skills 2 D
HRW0810 Human Resource Capital And Organizational Development 2 D
HRW0811 Managing Effective Performance Appraisal 1 D


Sales & Marketing

Code Course Title Duration
SMK0801 High Impact Marketing Techniques 1 D
SMK0802 Effective Salesmanship 1 D
SMK0803 Customer Relationship Management 1 D
SMC0804 Excellence Customer Services 3 D
SMH0805 Retail Outlet Operation 
– Managing Human Resources And Recruit Staff
1 D
SMH0806 Retail Outlet Operation 
- Gaining Product Knowledge And Specification
1 D
SMH0807 Retail Outlet Operation 
- Operating Daily Business
1 D
SMH0808 Retail Outlet Operation  
- Performing Sales, Marketing And Customer Services
1 D
SMH0809 Retail Outlet Operation 
- Handling Documentation And Reports
1 D
SMW0810 Selling Skills Today And Tomorrow 1 D
SMW0811 Customer Services Today And Tomorrow 2 D
SMW0812 Increasing Profitability Through Effective Key Account Management 2 D
SMW0813 Effective Strategies For Internet Marketing 2 D
SMW0814 Managing International Trade, Shipping Documents And Procedures 2 D


Production & Quality

Code Course Title Duration
PQA0801 6S Implementation Awareness 2 D
PQA0802 Total Preventive Maintenance Awareness 2 D
PQA0803 Systematic Approach To Problem Solving And Decision Making 3 D
PQA0804 Improving And Enhancing Production Efficiency 3 D
PQA0805 Autonomous Maintenance 2 D
PQA0806 Poka Yoke Towards Zero Defects (Mistake-Proofing) 2 D
PQA0807 Performance Measurement And Management 2 D
PQA0808 Facilitating Improvement Teams 3 D
PQA0809 Effective Discipline, Disciplinary Proceeding And Action In The Workplace 2 D
PQA0810 Kaizen At Workplace 2 D
PQA0811 Introduction To Six Sigma 2 D
PQA0812 7 New Management Tools For Systematic Problem Solving 3 D
PQA0813 Effective Tools & Techniques For Project Management 2 D
PQA0814 Managing Projects Effectively 2 D
PQA0815 Cost Reduction And Elimination Of Waste 1 D
PQA0816 Introduction To Office Kaizen 2 D
PQA0817 Total Quality Management Awareness 2 D
PQA0818 Calibration Of Measurement Instruments 1 D
PQA0819 Statistical Process Control 2 D
PQA0820 Continuous Improvement Through QCC 2 D
PQA0821 7 QC Tools (Problem Solving Tools) 2 D
PQA0822 Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) 2 D
PQA0823 Cost Of Poor Quality 2 D
PQA0824 EMS: Legal & Other Requirements 2 D
PQA0825 EMS: Aspect & Impact Assessment 2 D
PQA0826 ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Awareness 2 D
PQA0827 Internal Quality Auditing 2 D
PQA0828 ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Awareness 2 D
PQA0829 HACCP / ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Awareness 2 D
PQA0830 OSHAS 18001 Occupation Health And Safety Management System Awareness 2 D


Finance & Purchasing

Code Course Title Duration
FPW0801 Accounting & Finance For Non Finance Managers And Executives 2 D
FPW0802 Manufacturing Accounting & Costing 2 D
FPW0803 Practical Budgeting Technique 2 D
FPW0804 Successful Financial Management For Small & Medium Enterprises 2 D
FPW0805 Improving Corporate Financial Planning, Budgeting & Control 2 D
FPW0806 Purchasing Principles And Management 2 D
FPW0807 Purchasing & Supply Chain Management 2 D